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  • Ways to soften natural hair
    Mar 23 2021

    Ways to soften natural hair

    Women have always dreamed about soft and frizz-free hair, but sometimes you have dry and hard comb hair. You should know that if you have dry hair, you can soften your hair using 4 to 5 steps. You can ease your natural hair without a relaxer with these tips. You…

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  • Guide to Curly Hair during Summer
    Dec 28 2020

    Guide to Curly Hair during Summer

    Summers are one of the most challenging seasons of the year. People feel less energetic, dehydrated, & weak during summers. Another trouble that people, especially face during summers, is that they don’t know how to tie their hair. The connecting should be in such a way that it should be…

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  • Using black tea for skin
    Jul 14 2020

    Using black tea for skin

    You all should know that black tea is the second popular beverage consumed by most people worldwide. Many benefits can get when you drink daily. Black tea is the tea that is made without milk, but it is vital. Black tea is great for your hair and skin. You should…

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  • Skincare for melanin-rich skin
    Mar 23 2020

    Skincare for melanin-rich skin

    Melanin is the group of the molecule which is responsible for the color of your skin and hair. If you have a high quantity of melanin in your body, then your skin color is darker. Skincare for melanin-rich skin is one of the hardest skincare. Melanin-rich skin will need extra…

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