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  • Ways to apply powder foundation
    Sep 08 2020

    Ways to apply powder foundation

    Makeup is an essential part of women’s life. But not every woman is an expert in applying makeup. Many women doubt which foundation to choose and how to use when it comes to laying powder foundations. Powder foundation gives finishing to the makeup. With proper application, it not only works…

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  • Benefits of Reishi Mushroom for Skin
    Aug 11 2020

    Benefits of Reishi Mushroom for Skin

    Ayurveda has its roots in ancient times. More and more people understand its importance and have started including natural products in their diet and their skincare regime. Reishi Mushroom is another healthy plant extract that has powerful properties. The use of Reishi Mushroom is good for our immune system as…

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  • Skincare for melanin-rich skin
    Mar 23 2020

    Skincare for melanin-rich skin

    Melanin is the group of the molecule which is responsible for the color of your skin and hair. If you have a high quantity of melanin in your body, then your skin color is darker. Skincare for melanin-rich skin is one of the hardest skincare. Melanin-rich skin will need extra…

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