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DIY Nail Soak Recipe

home nail soak methods

Soaking your nails for at least 10-15 minutes right before having a manicure will make the manicuring process more effective. Softening your nails before the manicure will give you brilliant results during the manicure process & for the same reason, the various ways of natural nail socks result in being important.

If you have different ways to soften your nails at home nail soak methods, you have great convenience. Many things such as soap, milk, nourishing oils, moisturization lotions, etc., help in safeguarding your hands and providing proper softening to them. Therefore, using these ingredients in your nail soak recipes will be very beneficial for the nails.

DIY Ways to create a Nail Soak Recipe:-

The following are some best DIY nail soak recipe categories that will help you soften your nails to a great extent before doing a manicure-

Egg Soak:

People who have very brittle & weak nail structures can get an advantage from an egg nail soak recipe. This soak is made by mixing about one tablespoon of Olive oil & 1-2 egg yolks. The eggs should be soaked in this mixture for about 5-10 minutes. After the completion of this soaking process, nails become much more substantial than before, for sure.

Zesty Lemon:

The cuticles of the nails are very sensitive & can harden up sometimes as well. By the use of zesty lemon, nails can become more robust than usual. This soak is made up by mixing 1 cup of medium hot water with lemon juice. Nails should be soaked in this mixture for about 9-10 minutes & then nails should be properly rinsed.

Egg Soak

White Vinegar:

White Vinegar lists many uses & one of them is to make the cuticles of nails softer. The acidic effect of white vinegar is present in a mild concentration. This makes the nails of people whiter & removes the dry skin from the nails as well.

By soaking your nails in the white vinegar solution for at least 5 minutes, people’s nails get polished to a great extent. It also remains the same for a more extended period.

Honey & Milk Soak:

This soak provides calcium & proteins to the nails because of honey, egg yolk, and milk. Egg yolk, love, & milk is evenly mixed to make the soak. Nails should be soaked in this mixture for about 10 minutes.

All the above ways are very satisfactory for the people to make use of. Also, these ways will make your nails look classy. The nails’ charm will not fade away very soon as it usually happens a week after a typical manicure. When people soak nails before a manicure, they get fantastic results for sure.

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